ANGLING: Battams’ joy as he lands big Abington Park carp

Vince Battams with his Abington Park catch
Vince Battams with his Abington Park catch

An angling lifetime of waiting finally ended for Vince Battams when he not only landed his first 20lb carp – but had it from a water he has spent years helping nurture back to health!

Turning the scales to 23-1 it was a good fish in its own right...but coming from Abington Park Lake – the subject of so much restoration work following prolonged problems and abuse – it has to be the equivalent of a 30 from many other waters!

He had the fish on a pop-up boilie, and said: “It was like all my birthdays come at once – I was dancing round like Zebedee on speed.”

STANWICK’s Elsons was on fire this week with Vlad Vladislav leading the way with a 40-2 PB as Dave Partridge – also on a PB – netted a 32-12 mirror and Alex Osborne took five from 20lb to 28-2: all in a week when the venue produced a flush of other 20s.

ON the carp match scene results were all over the place – which is more than can be said for the fish which, on most waters, seemed to be shoaled up in small groups leading to a few good weights and a lot of blanks or near blanks.

WHITE Hart Flore, Tofts: Tom Griffiths 104lb, Dave Cleaver 101lb, Dave Griffiths 93lb.

ROYAL Oak, Packington: Grant Merritt 81-4, Cliff Skyrme 33-12, Wayne Sharman 31-10.

GLEBE, Tofts: Dave Haddon 67-3, Russ Lay Jnr 45-8, Dave Jones 44-4.

WHITE Hart Flore Oldies, Dog Lane: Trevor Griffiths 62-8, Tom Griffiths 38-10, Glen Tilson 29lb.

FINEDON, Waterloo Farm: Steve Amos 50-5, Paul Lafflin 44-3, Bill Boyne 39-6.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Mill: Brian Johnson 32lb, Steve Smith 23lb, Fred Johnson 20lb.

CASTLE spring league round, Canons: Jeff Rice 21-13, Bob Spencer 19-14, Geoff Lewis 9-12.

‘ASHBY opens: Wed., Brickyard, Mick Hewlett 22-8, Courtney Hewlett 18-12, Mick Boddilly 16-14; Sat., Brickyard, Boddilly 31-12, Darren Driver 28-8, Chris Garratt 24-8; Sun., Grendon, Bob Reed 35-12, M Hewlett 22-14, Garratt 20-6.

RYSONS open: Ian Smith 23-10, Derek Pettit 12-9, Carl Yeowl 10lb.

WILLOW Brook open: Pete Hawley 21-3, Andy Webster 14-14, Chris Howard 14-3.

TOWCESTER, Silverlake: Mick Goodridge 18-12 (one carp), Gerald Green 14-4, Kevin Nightingale 10-2.

ABINGTON, ‘Ashby Brickyard: Norman Westbrook 13-1, Andy Weatherly 9-7, Russ Coleman 6-7. Septuagenarian Mick Crane had the rest in stitches (but thankfully managed to avoid ending up in casualty) by falling off his collapsing box no fewer than three times during the match...