ANGLING: Ringer claims second spot in Feedermasters

Boiling sunshine following a major influx of rain-water put the mockers on Ferry Meadows for Sunday's Feedermasters opener.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:32 am
Updated Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:36 am
Some of the Meadowlands slabs which put Steve Ringer second in the Feedermasters

Most struggled as only two of the 15 teams had all four members catching on a rock-hard day.

Steve Ringer struggled with the rest for three hours – until his tip went round and he hooked a lump...which came adrift during the 75 metre journey back!

Hoping for a second chance, he went back out and was soon into the first of nine slabs – five in the last 30 minutes – to total 38-13. That put him top in his zone and second overall, helping Ringer Baits to fourth as Barnsley won.

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STANWICK came alive in its best week so far this year, producing two 30s, seven 20s and loads of doubles. Colin Brown had a 36-8 common and Anthony Farrow a 31-10 at the top of the list.

BREAM and hybrids have been feeding in the cut, with Towcester’s Mick Goodridge netting more than 40lb in a session at Yardley Wharf.

GILDERS-man Dan Todd’s first trout session in three-years saw him bank more than 15 Elinor trout to 4lb on black buzzers fished in the surface layer. Richard Williams had even more of a similar size from a Ringstead boat.

MEADOWLANDS came alive for its spring-league final round with Max Higgett top on 167-12. Steve Daly had 139-14 and Paul Terry 133-14 as seven topped 100lb. 
Rob Cookesey was series winner one point ahead of Terry.

WHITE Hart Flore, Bishops Bowl: Dave Griffiths 123lb, Dave James 102, Mick Wheeler 77lb, Ron Collins 76lb. Club oldies, Tofts, Mark Forbes 55-17, Gary Muddiman 50-8, Tom Griffiths 45-8.

GLEBE, Peatling Parva: Paul Latter 57-7, Dave Jones 54-8, Dave Haddon 45-11.

CASTLE Ashby: Brickyard, midweek, Alan West 44-2, Andy Jones 39-12, Chris Camplin 33-12; Sat., Chris Garrett 65lb, Mark Moody 64-4, Keith Garrett 45-4; Grendon, Sun., Courtney Hewlett 51lb, Kevin Folwell (485 silverfish!) 49lb, Mick Hewlett 39-8.

NENE/Towcester, Grafton canal: Andy Kempton 12-11 (bream on punch), Graham Prince 8-10, Bob Gill 4-9.

FLORE & Brockhall, Highfield, Newnham: All roach, Rob Rawlins 7-14, Terry Smith 3-1, Tony Ward 2-9.

SHEER determination: That was John Balhatchett in Towcester Vets’ Heyford canal do. Drawing what he thought was the best swim in the match, he slipped into the canal up to his chest.

Pulled out by George Cooke, he fished on to win with 4-8 ...and even came close to smiling. Rob Rawlins 2-12, Tosh Saunders 2-5.