ANGLING: Rice takes the cash with Towcester win

Anglers across the county '“ from matchmen to specimen hunters '“ have been on a roll this week with carp feeding like there was no tomorrow!

Friday, 3rd June 2016, 8:00 am
HOW times change. Float-tubing for trout in its latest incarnation (at Ringstead)  almost as much kit as carpers

Sports & Social’s trip out of town to Lakeside, near Towcester, saw Jeff Rice taking the money with 137-8 as Ken Taylor had 126-4 and Jim Broadbent 97-3.

And White Hart Flore were in fine form, too, at Tofts where Garry Muddiman notched another win – this time with 130lb – followed by Terry Griffiths on 122-8 and Rupert Wickham 117lb.

Decent weights were there, too, for those who journeyed to Makins for the ‘Matrix commercial league’ first round 50 pegger. Wayne Sharman won that with 97-3 as Ron Brennan had 63-4. Adam Waklin and Jack Harness tied on 56lb.

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ON the big fish front Sam Bright had a 30-6 from Stanwick’s Elsons as Lewis Jones had four low 20s in two sessions on Mallard, and 
Chris Stocker netted nine to 22-4.

Across the county at Daventry’s Drayton, a group of 12 Welsh visitors almost emptied the reservoir – bagging more than 600 carp between them in 48 hours.

Most fell to surface baits or zig-rigs fished high in the water.

Back on the match scene, John Balhatchett topped Towcester Vets’ Tofts midweeker with 144lb. Les Goodridge had 143-8 and Graham Martin 61lb.

MILL Lane, Tofts: Steve Johnson 85-8, Mark Wadhams 80-8, Kevin McIllhinney 75-13

TOWCESTER Travellers, Lakeside: Troy Hillier 79-12, Graham Martin 68lb, Tosh Saunders 56-8.

FINEDON, Lawn Farm: John York 79-3, Jeff Eade 45-14, Gary Scott 43-7, the latter two winning the pairs event.

CASTLE Ashby: midweek, Brickyard, Nick Weed 44-8, Frank Pizamenti 39-12, Steve Smith 36-4; Sat., Brickyard, Bob Reed 36-12, Keith Garrett 31lb, Pizamenti 29-12; Sun., Grendon, Reed 68-6, Chris Garrett 39-14, Keith Garrett 30-6.

CRANFORD Lake: Ian Smith 60-4, Paul Brand 56-6, Graham Clipston 35-6.

TOWCESTER, Silver Lake: John Broughton 40lb, Bob Eales 13-8, Mick Goodridge 12lb.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Mill Pool: Fred Johnson 35lb, Bob Prowse 34lb, Rob Rawlins 32lb.

TROUT: amazing how things can change in only a handful of years! ‘Float-tubing’ started out with guys climbing into a cross between a motorcycle inner-tube and a breeches buoy, and paddling off after the trout at their own level.

The weekend just gone saw a gathering – from as far afield as Essex and Doncaster – of state-of-the-art ‘tubers’ at Ringsted. And those guys, see picture, appeared to have gone afloat in a cross between personalised pedallos and armchairs...carrying more rods than some matchmen.

Everyone to their own.