ANGLING: Pete has a Laugh as he claims win

Big-name sponsored match groups ruled on the day '“ but it is host-club Wellingborough which has a clear four-point lead in the Barker league!

Friday, 3rd March 2017, 12:44 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:09 am
MATT Glover with 21-5 Bishops Bowl carp  a scale pattern some call A 'fully-scaled mirroR'
MATT Glover with 21-5 Bishops Bowl carp  a scale pattern some call A 'fully-scaled mirroR'

And with one round to go that means the super-stars will have to pull off some earth-shaking results to knock the locals off top spot.

‘Borough’s Pete Laughton won Sunday’s Foxton-Theddingworth canal round with 8-4, followed by Browning Central Xitan’s Ian Baker 7-0-6 and Browning Central Sphere’s Pete Bostock with 6-15-9.

With 11 teams-of-four in the match, Black Horse romped home on 43 points, with ‘Central Sphere on 37 as two other Browning teams tied on 35 along with Wellingborough. And that left ‘Borough well clear overall on eight points, with Xitan and Guru joint-second on12.

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THE latest Ringer Boddington Pairs was a tale of two halves – with one section on form and the other fishing hard as a rock. Top weight was Phil Ringer with 13 fish for 101lb...while bro Steve managed one for 11lb in the other.

Top spot went to Snowy Ashington and Ritchie Edmunds (four points) followed by the Ringers who tied with Jason and Graham Morris on five but went ahead on weight.

GINGER Ninjas (I kid you not) topped in the penultimate Meadowlands teams-of-three, with their Ian Coxon top individual on 133-12 ahead of Guru’s 
Andy Pell 85-10 and Lanes’ Wayne Sharman 78-10. Tornados (73) lead Lanes (81) overall.

MATT Glover had Bishops Bowls’ carp of the week, a beautifully-scaled 21-5. Stanwick’s best was John Buckingham’s 29lb common as the venue produced six 20s in a week.

GOOD Ouse perch were feeding at Olney as Carpin Capers’ Dougie had three to two-and-a half and a 4lb+ chub while Justin Gardner had a 2-8 stripy.

‘ASHBY opens, Sunday: Scotland, Mick Wheeler 24-5, Mark Morgan 18-11, Richard Lattimer 18-10; Grendon, Mick Hewlett 89-4, Chris Camplin 45-8, Courtney Hewlett 39-8; Brickyard, C Hewlett 56-8, Mick Boddilly 50-10, Pete Gibson 29-6; WHITE Hart Flore, Flecknoe: Gary Muddiman 69lb, Tom Griffiths 41lb, Dave Chapman 34lb.

BISHOPS Bowl: Dave Smart 42-2, Steve Bull 36-8, Dick Ashby 24-14; TOWCESTER Vets, Stony Main, Ouse: George Mynard 16-9 (perch), John Balhatchett 8-13, Tosh Saunders 8-9.

COUNTY Vets silverfish, Canons: Paul Lafflin 16-8, Bob Spencer 12-10, John Lewis 11-1.

FLORE & Brockhall, silverfish, Dennetts: Jim Tanser 11-10, Bob Prowse 7-6, Rob Rawlins 5-2; NENE-Towcester, long pound canal: Les Wallace 9-12, Brian Beard 8-2, Andy Kimpton 4-15.

CASTLE, silverfish, Canons: Bob Spencer 8-4, Dave Cantrell 7-6, John Lewis 6-4.

FIXTURES: March 11 MKAA grand slam, Ouse, 01234 713144.