ANGLING: Miles is left delighted after Scotland trip

Scotland is God's own country to some...and Dave Miles will agree '“ having ended up '˜in heaven' after banking a brace of tackle-busting Perthshire salmon!

Monday, 5th September 2016, 9:15 am
Updated Monday, 5th September 2016, 10:21 am
Dave Miles

Fishing with old school-pal Mike Green probably got him off to a flying start, as big fish seem to gravitate to wherever globe-trotting Mike wets a line!

Having never salmon-fished before, Dave put in a spell with Mike and Rod Barley – grassing a 6lb hen and then a 10lb cock-fish, both on fly, on the last day.

The latter wild fish lived up to its label, giving an incredible fight on a trout-outfit...and smashing his reel to pulp. “Dave didn’t care in the least about the reel – he was in heaven,” said Mike. “We shared seven fish, four of them returned.”

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TOWCESTER, Boddington: James Harris 123lb, Les Goodridge 110lb, Kevin Nightingale 100lb.

SPORTS & Social, Meadowlands: Mel Baxter 90-8, Steve Potter 76-12, Jim Broadbent 75-4.

CASTLE Ashby opens: Wed, Brickyard, Courtney Hewlett 55-6, Bob Reed 46-8, Lloyd Harris 35-12; Sat., Brickyard, Chris Garrett 88-4, Mick Hewlett 64-2, C Hewlett 54-8; Sun., Grendon, Garrett 88-4, Charlie Edwards 32-14, Geoff Jones 26-12.

WHITE Hart Flore, Barby Banks: Mark Tottingham 86-8, Geoff Wiggins 65, Gary Muddiman 57lb.

COUNTY Vets, Canons 
bottom pond: Bob Spencer 87-2, John Balhatchett 
27lb. Dave Cantrell 24-5.

MATRIX commercial champs final round, Barston: Wayne Sharman 73-14, John Arthur 62-14, John Jenkins 62-8. Series winner Adam Waklin 5 points, Arthur and Sharman both on 7.

FLORE & Brockhall, Tofts: Jim Tanser 71lb, Dave Ayres 55lb, Ray Ayres 48lb...and club super-vet Ken Cadd fell in!

WHITE Heart Flore midweek, Barby Mill: Tom Griffiths 54lb, Terry Griffiths 42lb, Ron Collins 38lb.

MILL Lane, Tunnel Barn: Alan Byrnes 46-12, Kevin Louw 37-10, Steve Johnson 36-14.

CROCKETT & Jones, Waterloo: Gerry Wilmot 45-10, Mark Romain 40lb, John Underwood 26lb.

PHIL Wintle made second in Monday’s Furzton charity fest open with 52-3. Geoff Ringer was third in the midweek vets’ open with 28-6.

STANWICK’s flush of 20s continues with the best-of-week Josh’s 24lb common, his second PB in two weeks.

FIXTURES: Sun (4th) Bedford Hospital Cup Ouse open, 01234 741942.

Furzton Fest: Sep 10, Ladies (Tear Drop 2) 01908 320007; Sep 23-25 carp open, 01908 313158.

Oct 16, Towcester open, Castlethorpe cut, 01908 563617.

CARP date, Sep 21: Drayton’s ‘new boards’ swims (normally restricted to over-nighters) open for the day, 7am onwards, to pensioners, disabled anglers and their carers.