ANGLING: Meritt the man as he earns victory

A total lottery '“ that was the weekend's fishing as angling fortunes fluctuated along with the ever-changing weather conditions.

Friday, 20th January 2017, 8:00 am
Top man on the local Ouse  Phil Mapp with 6lb chub

And Lady Luck must have taken a real fancy to Charlie Meritt in the Meadowlands teams of three second round, where the Cockney Rejects team-man had a runaway win with 131lb of carp.

Guru’s Mark Griffiths made second on just 34-2 with the Ginger Ninjas’ Lee Davis on 26-6. For the rest, sport shaded away through poor to absolutely dire, as the ‘Ninjas ended up top-team on the day.

With four rounds to go, Captain Jack’s Trio are topping the table on 33 with Milton Keynes on 35.

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MOST of White Hart Flore’s crew might as well have stayed in bed unless they were among the four who drew pegs in the narrow shallows – where ‘warmer’ water from an underground stream had the carp shoaling just sub-surface.

All four framed with Ted Andrews getting 60lb, Gary Muddiman 28-10, Dave Griffiths 17-10 and Dave Chapman 16-5.

LIFE was brighter on the Ringstead Nene where Dan Hardy won with a mostly roach 16-7 ahead of Ian Drage 10-8 and Andy Webster 10-7. Most people caught.

MONDAY saw several hundred pounds of fish moved from the canal, under the A508 at Stoke, up to the long pound during an engineering work drain-down.

BRADLEY Wegner put in four nights on Stanwick’s Elsons to net four 20s – the best pair, a mirror and a common, both hitting 27lb.

CASTLE Ashby: Wed., Brickyard, Pete Gibson 49lb, Bob Reed 44lb, Courtney Hewlett 37-12; Sat., Brickyard, Mick Hewlett 32-12, C Hewlett 11-12, Chris Garrett 6-14; Sun., Grendon, C Garrett 6-4, John Kent 5-14, Scotland, Pete Patton 10-12, John Price 7-13, Brickyard, Keith Garrett 37-2, Pete Gibson 5-4...

FLORE & Brockhall silverfish teams-of-three opener, Dog Lane: Tony Ward (Tony’s Trio) 9-8, Ray Ayres (Rugby) 7-2, Kev Barratt (Bilton) 6-8. Bilton have a one-point lead over Rugby with five rounds to go.

TOWCESTER Vets, Blisworth canal: Les Goodridge 4-3, Tosh Saunders 1-7 (one perch) Gren Reid 1-5.

NENE and Towcester, canal, back of Gayton tip. John Balhatchett won with 0-4 and Mick Goodridge had 0-2-4. The rest didn’t get a bite between them...