ANGLING: Heron helps Ringer to a series final

A heron '“ standing less than a yard from him throughout the match '“ turned out to be a good luck omen for Geoff Ringer.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 9:30 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:10 pm
Andy Whitlock

As one old grey-head stood there feasting on thousands of pin-sized fry swarming in the margins...the other bagged four good Ferry Meadows bream for 21lb.

And, after numerous attempts, that meant that Geoff had finally qualified for the series final – having previously drawn a series of bum pegs.

“I’ve never seen a heron so close for so long before,” said Geoff. “It was in the water between myself and the bank. I’m sure it gave me an edge.”

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WHILE Geoff was ‘bird watching’, sons Steve and Phil were with England in Italy – along with fellow Ringer Baits man Rob Wootton – practising for the weekend’s world feeder champs. Good luck, lads.

ASTWELL Mill is on form with Andy Whitlock getting an early-morning 2lb rudd, and John Newman a 3lb bream hybrid and six tench to 4lb.

UPPER Ouse fish died by the thousand this week as a toxic chemical ‘slug’ crept downstream from Brackley, through Buckingham towards MK – an area popular with so many ‘Town anglers – killing most things in its path.

Its appearance had co-incided with a factory-fire, and on Tuesday – nine days on and 14 miles downstream – Environment Agency

scientists were still struggling to understand the

nature of the chemical ‘beast’, killing fish of all sizes and the bugs in the food chain as it reached Thornborough.

But, that evening, it was looking as though it was losing its punch, and fish rescue plans were put tentatively on hold.

MILL Lane, Wold Farm: Glen Kirkton 150-9, Mark Wadhams 99-10, Kevin Lowe 85-2.

WHITE Hart Flore: Barby Banks, Mick Wheeler 139lb, Gary Muddiman 101-12, Vinny Atkinson and Drew Adams both 67; club oldies, Flecknoe, Trevor Griffiths 125-1, Muddiman 123-7, Mick Howkins 119-13.

BLACK Horse open: Graham West 75-3, Simon Ellis 29-2, Andy Leathers 23-11.

CASTLE Ashby: midweek, Chris Camplin 59-2, Mick Wadhams 39-4, Bob Reed 25-4; Sun., Andy Jones 45lb, Steve Foster 40lb, Camplin 27-4.

FLORE & Brockhall, Barby Mill: Bob Prowse 54lb, Terry Smith 36lb, Tony Ward


COUNTY Vets, Canons Ashby: Dave Cantrell 34-10, Bob Spencer 34-8, John Lewis 30-4.

CASTLE (Turnell Cup), Canons: Chris Rose 14-3, Paul Lafflin 13-7, Pete Laughton and Bill Underwood both 12-12.

TOWCESTER/Nene, Astwell Mill: John Broughton 7-4, Chris Howard 6-12, Paul Minney 6-4.

OLNEY Ouse: Pete Laughton 4-10, Les Wallis 3-7, Chris Howard 3-3-12.