ANGLING: Early present for Lakeside regulars

Lakeside regulars have received a cracking early Christmas present with loads of carp '“ and even a few barbel '“ added to the fishery.

Friday, 22nd December 2017, 8:33 am
Lakeside co-owner Tina Pentland and Ospreys Ian Millin adding more carp

But it was owners Tina and Steve Pentland (with guidance from their most loyal customer, Osprey’s Ian Millin) rather than Santa, paying the fish bill.

Almost 2,000 carp from half-a-pound to 4lb were stocked, along with 50 eight to 12-inch barbel, following removal of a whole shoal of small ‘nuisance’ roach.

Back last spring an otter had started killing carp at the water, just outside Towcester, and Tina and Steve sank their ‘honeymoon fund’ into £15,000 worth of otter fencing and an initial restock – after the furry killer had been legally trapped and taken elsewhere.

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The water seemed alive with stockies when I fished it back in September, but angling and anglers can be fickle...and following some poor results, bookings slumped.

But now Osprey intend to ‘christen’ the revamped water on New Year’s eve, and Tove Valley are running an open there on January 7.

Tina said: “We couldn’t have done it without Ian’s help. He’s been an absolute star. He has stuck with us and has already re-booked all his matches for next year.”

OVER the past week rain, snow-water and frost-on-frost have made fishing a total lottery with more blanks than catches in most matches. Wellingborough’s committee match on the Nene at Ringstead saw 10 of the 13 entrants drynetted as Ivor Stokes won with 11lb of roach, Tony Barber had 8-8 and Ian Halliwell 8-6.

FLORE & Brockhall, Dog Lane: Terry Smith 9-7, Rob Rawlins 4lb, Brian Johnson 2-13.

SPLINTERS, Dog Lane: Gary Muddiman 8lb, Dave Chapman 1-2, Steve Johnson 1lb.

MEADOWLANDS open: Bas Byrd 6-12, Mark Coleman 4-10, Wayne Sharman 4lb.

OUNDLE, Nene backwater (all caught!): Malcolm Hobbs 5-12, Mark and Troy Cunnington both 5-4.

CASTLE and Wellingborough, Ringstead Nene: Bob Spencer 3-3. John Lewis 3-1, Nick Antonacci 2lb.

NENE and Towcester, canal, Blisworth: John Balhatchett 2-12, Pete Laughton 2-4, Tosh Saunders 2lb.

STANWICK was iced-over most of week, but Simon Green had an eight-pounder. Drayton was ice-free, Tuesday.

DESPITE the weather ‘fly boys’ have been catching trout to 10-2 at Elinor.

GILDERS and Carpin Capers: both closed Dec 25 & 26 and Jan 1; Gilders open 9-3 Christmas Eve.

FIXTURES: Dec 26, Drayton, first one to catch a common wins Boxing Day Cup plus dayticket fee back.