AGW Fitness blog: Going to the gym is for life, not just for after Christmas

AGW Fitness
AGW Fitness

So, three months into 2015 and I can proudly say that I still go to the gym.

Even more proudly, I can now say that I am five months into my time at AGW Fitness, where my bid to bulk continues.

Some may think that going to the gym is nothing to be proud of.

But starting something and sticking to it is never that easy, especially when not every minute of it is enjoyable (leg day is feared for a reason!).

The way I have come to think of it is that the gym is for life, not just for after Christmas.

It is a lifestyle choice, not a fad.

As Dave, one of AGW’s three affable personal trainers, told me the other day - the training is, in fact, the easy part.

Nutrition is the difficult bit because you need to eat the right things to make the most of your work-out.

Now, I definitely can’t profess to be doing everything right (I still love cake, and can’t get rid of that from my diet).

I’m still learning as I go along, trying to soak up advice from the Dave, Adam and Si, whose story of how he went from lean to fat to muscular is worth hearing.

It is not easy to get to where you want to be, but I am now at a point where I genuinely can’t imagine how I would feel having not gone to the gym for a couple of weeks.

It is not because it is an addiction - that is a word that is often used, but one I don’t feel fits the situation.

It is because it is a way of life and the way you feel after a work-out can’t be replicated from daily inactivity.

I never believed I would be able to keep going to the gym.

I felt I would start, give it a go for a bit and then stop.

But once you do start you come to realise that it is more difficult to stop than it is to keep going.

For some, that is not the case. Work schedules dictate and it is simply not that easy to go to the gym as much as you would like.

Others have the time and make use of it.

One story that I read on the AGW Fitness facebook page recently was from a woman named Angie, who has lost more than four stone since starting at the gym two years ago.

I often see her on Monday mornings being put through her paces by Dave and it is a punishing programme.

But the rewards are there for all to see from the before and after photographs.

She has committed to it and is clearly much happier for it.

Now, time to put down that slice of cake and crack on.

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