'You've got to find who's done this': Body-worn camera at scene of Northampton teenager's murder played to jury

The desperate efforts by paramedics, friends and members of the public to save a Northampton teenager's life after he was stabbed in the neck have been seen in court.

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 5:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 5:15 pm
Bodyworn footage showed how paramedics and a member fought to save Liam's life in this alleyway off St Georges Street.

Body-worn camera footage from the first police officer at the scene of Liam Hunt's murder was played to the jury at Northampton Crown Court today (March 22).

It showed how in the minutes after the fatal knife fight at 5pm on February 14 last year, a member of the public and a paramedic fought to keep Liam stable until the ambulance could arrive.

But Liam's friends are also heard on camera pleading with the officer to find the 17-year-old's attackers.

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As the officer arrived, Liam's girlfriend said to him: "It was Kane and Lee. Do you know it was Kane?

"You need to find him, he's going to be lying low by now."

The court has heard how Liam's girlfriend did not see the fatal knife fight that killed Liam.

A man named Kane Allaban-Hamilton, 18, from Camp Hill, and Lee Warren, 18, from Queen's Park, are on trial for Liam's murder along with five other defendants.

Liam himself was pixelated out when the footage was played to the court - but bloodstains could be seen all along the pavement in the alleyway off St George's Street.

A paramedic and a member of the public are heard carrying out CPR on Liam as the 17-year-old's friends can only stand back and wait for the ambulance.

A friend was heard saying: "It was Kane who had the knife."

Liam was taken to hospital but sadly died less than an hour later.

The trial continues.