Looking Back: Readers put names to faces in nostalgia photograph

Looking Back used Apr 18 2013'Night of Stars (1962?) or True Form Dance (1964?)
Looking Back used Apr 18 2013'Night of Stars (1962?) or True Form Dance (1964?)

I was reading through the Chronicle & Echo and noticed your Looking Back photos (April 18).

In the photo bottom right (1962 or 1964?), this is my

grandfather, magician Benson Dulay, on the right, holding the guillotine, and one of his daughters (my aunt, Dinah) on the left.

My mother, Molly, also used to assist in the magic act and they used to travel around the country appearing at various theatres.

Unfortunately I am unable to confirm the year this was taken.

Tracy Dyer

By email

I have some information on the 1962 or 1964 picture in Looking Back (April 18).

I know three of the people pictured were members of The Tornadoes band.

Third from left is Andy Gotch, and in the picture frame is Roger Williams and Brendan Hughes. The local group were very popular in that era.

Ken Malin

By email

The photo (Looking Back, April 18) was taken at the Boys Brigade headquarters on the Mayorhold. It was advertised as ‘A Night with the Stars’ and topping the bill was Ruby Murray and her husband, Bernie Burgess. There were several acts from the town and featured in your photo are the Northampton Tornadoes – Alan ‘Robbo’ Robinson, Dave Macquire, Andy Gotch with myself, Roger Williams, and Brendan Hughes behind the guillotine. Operating the guillotine is magician Benson Dulay and Diana, while the ‘victim’ is a Mr Charles Short.

Roger Williams

By email

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