Letter: Voices of those who voted ‘remain’ are going unheard

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Letter writer Bob Purser says people who voted ‘remain’ in the EU vote are lacking representation in the Brexit negotiations...

We face a significant democratic deficit in this county.
Many of us who voted remain in the European Referendum in 2016 will have respected the vote, despite the lies told and the illegality of the Leave campaign, but now find the outcome of the negotiations very different from that presented by the Leave campaign.

It looks likely to leave us both financially worse off with significant damage to our economy, yet bound by European decisions while having no representation in Europe.

Yet who represents those of us who voted against leaving Europe and those who have since changed their minds about the wisdom of leaving? Certainly not any of the seven Conservative Members of Parliament for Northamptonshire.

I have recently written to my MP – for Northampton South, who informed me that he is a member of the European Research Group and so will be following their nihilist and destructive line. He is joined by the members for Corby and East Northamptonshire and Wellingborough, who are also members of that group. The member for Daventry is a Government whip but his anti-European views are well known, as are those of the member for South Northamptonshire. Then there is the member for Northampton North who is a Government loyalist and so I surmise will vote according to the Government line.

Bob Purser, by email