Letter: People of Northampton should not be asked to ‘help’ travellers

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Letter writer Brenda Jones objects to the people of Northampton being asked to help travellers obtain permanent spots.

I am writing in reply to your recent story in the Chronicle & Echo.
Firstly let me say that I am totally against Northampton providing a permanent site for the travellers.
These people choose to live like they do and the people of Northampton should not be asked to “help” them.

I have seen the outcome of where they stop as I live in Ecton Brook and we regularly get them setting up illegal sites.

Today I watched a programme on BBC1 called The Defenders and they showed a park that was well used by lots of different residents, but then travellers decided it was just what they wanted.

The devastation they caused was beyond belief and cost the council many thousands of pounds to clear it back to what it was originally.

Perhaps you could watch it?

I do realise that, if it was a permanent site, perhaps they would treat it differently, who knows.

But why should we, as taxpayers and residents of Northampton, have to put up with it?

They all probably pay no tax, council tax, rent etc so as I said at the beginning, we should not provide a permanent site.

Brenda Jones, by email