Letter: Council dinosaurs are ruining our town!

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Letter writer Barry Dearsley says the rise in car parking prices may finish off Northampton town centre...

I cannot believe the crass stupidity of our council, or is it the fact they have no business sense at all with regard to the rise in car park prices.

Do they really expect us to pay more for the privilege of inspecting the proliferation of homeless people and empty shops which now is the world of our town centre after dark?

Of course we would all like to support the town but apart from the Royal & Derngate, what other entertainment is there in the town at night?

A number of bars, coffee houses and restaurants try to kid us we’re in some paradise of a place, but the price of their wares is often high due to excessive rent and rates.

A few years back the council was warned that car park price hikes were the nail in the town’s wealth coffin, but do they listen?

No, with their dinosaur attitude to progress, I wonder that we have a town at all.

Barry Dearsley, Northampton