Job seekers caught in an impossible Catch 22 situation

With regard to the “Modern Apprentices Event” that took place at the Saints Ground on Wednesday evening.

A very large number of people across the country into known vacancies within several sectors, administration, IT, building, motor industry etc, who want to start their careers in full time employment. They and I are up against one barrier utilised by all employers - Catch-22. No relevant experience means no employment within the employers premises.

The American management guru, Robert Hellor, wrote the book “ Catch-22” and commented upon the bottom line of the book is “Insanity”. Whoever sets the Catch has to break it. The all important “first job” is the start of a career within a particular industry sector and can only be allowed by employers. The current central Government is trying to change employers attitudes by tax breaks, R & D grants, lower business rates in brown field sites for enterpreneurs.

The local Councils are NOT allowing things to occur due to bureaucratic red tape and spending cuts caused by the last Labour Government. There are numerous empty shops and accommodations above shops which are based in the immediate Town Centre. This ties in within austerity measures which are being forced upon Councils into really kickstarting the local economy and getting hundreds of people out of the Benefit System.

A D Hiam

Rillwood Court