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What ‘fourth force’ in politics is about

Nigel Farage and his band of pin-striped followers have sent the political classes and the chatterati into a spin. The ‘fourth force’ in British politics and blah blah blah seems something of an exaggeration by any standards. Isn’t that a teeny bit premature, ignoring for instance the SNP who lead a Government in Scotland and Plaid Cymru who are the main opposition in Wales, not to mention the Ulster parties. At the end of the day it is a party with 130-odd county councillors, no MPs and a ragbag collection of eccentric MEPs.

However, it does present a threat, but it’s not what the majority of commentators appear to think. Firstly, despite being called UKIP, the issue of UK independence is not really the issue, after all the business community would never allow the UK to withdraw from Europe. Capitalism is an international system and opting out is frankly not an option, and never has been. The xenophobes and little Englanders can huff and puff all they like, but an integrated Europe is here to stay. End of story.

Whatever the big boys like Murdoch want, the even bigger boys in the financial world do not want to break up the EU.

So you can promise 
referenda till hell freezes over, but the result will 
never be in doubt. The 
UK will remain in the EU and UKIP MEPs will continue to draw large fatcat salaries!

In my view, what UKIP is really about, and its demographics reveal that clearly, is the elderly white middle class and working class who troll up and down Abington Street moaning about the number of people speaking in foreign languages.

UKIP’s base support is made up of people who I believe could never bring themselves to vote for the ugly skinheads who 
inhabit BNP land, but are happy to vote for the cheeky chappie in the bar who tells them he’s “not a racist,but...”

UKIP claims libertarian credentials, but is, in my opinion, nothing more than a set of time-honoured prejudices wrapped up in a union flag and a packet of pork scratching on the side.

The task is how should the other parties deal with the phenomena? The first concern is always about the foreigners taking our jobs. Given that most supporters appear to be of pensionable age that seems an odd concern, but the solution is simple.

The problem lies not with the migrant workers, but rather with the employers who are exploiting them. The greedy farmers and gang masters and unscrupulous companies who pay the minimum wage or less.A government that cared would legislate not for a minimum wage but a living wage,and then rigorously enforce that.

The second great complaint is about housing, the shortage of decent homes and the high rents. Well a decent government would scrap the daft and divisive ‘bedroom tax’, embark on a crash programme of social house building and most important of all legislate against the greedy private landlords who are exploiting the housing shortage in a shameless way.

We are a nation of migrants, a patchwork of people and cultures who every generation have enriched and strengthened the people of these isles. We should be proud to be a mongrel race-don’t let the fastidious so-and-so in the pin-stripe suit and the nicotine stained fingers ruin it!

John Dickie



Boring and old? Look at yourself...

Is John Dickie really expecting us to agree that King Richard III was boring and old (Chronicle & Echo column, April 25).

Unlike the bunch of Scandinavians listed in his article, Richard was actually born in this county of ours and he is the most controversial of all our monarchs.

The continuing informative. intellectual and entertaining arguments as to whether 
he was a “goodie” or a 
“baddie” continue to 

I, for one, still cannot make up my mind. Boring, never! Actually he was only 32 years old when killed at Bosworth so that adjective is also inaccurate.

Perhaps “old” might be better applied to J D.

Certainly his continual anti-American diatribes in your paper over the years have made me need to stifle a yawn.

Boring and old John Dickie. I rather like that.

Derek Batten

High Street, Paulerspury


Aufona has taken a while to catch up

Aufona has finally realised I am with UKIP, which is not something I kept secret (Chronicle & Echo, April 25). Had Mr Edmondson thought the Christian Peoples Alliance had sacked me?

It is a little surprising that after 10 years he has not noticed there is no apostrophe in the party name.

If he had turned my election leaflet over, he would have realised that I remain committed to Christian democratic principles.

As I have also been staunchly Euro-sceptic since before joining the CPA I cannot see how I have undergone a recent conversion experience.

I shall continue to proclaim the message “value for people not value for money”: all that has changed is the party tag.

Jesus Christ said there “will be wailing and gnashing of teeth”. This also could be considered scaremongering. The truth needs to be proclaimed, however unpalatable it may be.

Colin Bricher

UKIP candidate,
 Headlands Division


How can a pensioner live like this?

Oasis House complete with dog kennels for less fortunate people is something Northampton can be proud of.

I am asking the question why is an old aged pensioner with her companion dogs sleeping out all night in freezing weather conditions. This old lady does not drink, smoke or do drugs. Like most dog lovers, she is devoted to her dogs. She has to rely on a walking stick to get about.

Can someone please help with this disgusting situation please. I am disillusioned.

Maureen Cook

Wycliffe Road, Northampton


Family next door refuse to recycle

I was inspired to write after reading the letter regarding rubbish on the Blackthorn estate. My neighbours refuse to recyle and as there are two families living in the property, upwards of 20 black bins collected over a period of two to three weeks. The neighbourhood has contacted the council on a number of occasions and nothing has changed. Quite frankly it is lazy and anti-social behaviour.

Am I entitled to withold my council tax payments as the council is unwilling, or unable, to force compliance? After all, I am paying for services.

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