Chron Letters: August 22

Angry at state of town’s transport

The state of Northampton roads is unbelievable. The roads system is probably 30 years behind the times, and now with the chaos around the station, it is more than enough to discourage people from coming to Northampton all together.

The St Peters Way roundabout has created chaos for years, and an extension to the Old Towcester Road across to St James Mill Road, has been required for ages.

Why do we need a new railway station? There didn’t appear to be a lot wrong with the old one to me, and the money could have been spent on something useful in the town.

Politicians seem to love spending OUR money, to boost their own ego. What a sad lot they are.

Just do something useful and creative, then you will be remembered and maybe even re-elected.

The bus station is another shambles. Why do we allow politicians of all parties, who have, over the years, completely neglected it, to get away with it.

Oh, of course, I forgot. They get generous allowances, so they don’t need to catch buses.

Peter Louch

No choice but to have water meter

Further to the letter from Paul Valleley, director of Water Services, Anglian Water (Chron, August 15), he states, “I wanted to reassure our customers that we have no plans to introduce compulsory water metering.”

I moved to a property that had a water meter already fitted. I called AW, and asked if I could go on to billing based on rateable or council tax band. I was told that because the meter was already fitted, I had no choice but to stay on metered billing… therefore, for me, compulsory metered billing!

I do actually agree that metering is the fairest way, but we are very conservative on our water use, and our bill is about double what it was previously when we were at an unmetered property. There does seem to be a great discrepancy between metered and unmetered fees. Maybe this is something that needs addressing by the water companies to make the whole situation fairer. As it is, I feel as though we are now subsidising bills for others.

I wonder what Mr Valleley’s response to this situation would be.

Martin Percy,

Support our new scheme for Cadets

The Navy Training Corps, a registered charity and uniformed youth organisation in the tradition of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, opens its first unit in Northamptonshire at Saxon Hall, Raunds, on Wednesday, September 11 and will have both Navy and Marine sections.

Membership for junior Cadets is 8–12 years and for senior Cadets, 12–18 years. Activities include Seamanship and sailing, camping, first-aid, ceremonial, field training, air rifle shooting, sports, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme plus drumming and bugling.

Due to our planned expansion in Northamptonshire, we are seeking potential uniformed adult instructors and would like to hear from former members of HM Armed Forces or Cadet Forces, or indeed anyone who can spare one evening each week to help young people.

We offer, in exchange, a rewarding experience and a great deal of fun.

There is no upper age limit to becoming an adult-instructor and applications from ladies are particularly welcome, as are applications from potential Marine Sergeant-Instructors. As well as uniformed staff, we also welcome applications to become non-uniformed civilian instructors.

The Navy Training Corps is a voluntary organisation without paid staff and raises all its own funds.

The NTC is a friendly family-orientated uniformed youth organisation and our aim is simple: To bring adventure into the lives of young people.

Anyone interested in becoming an instructor is invited to call 01933 412099 or send an email to ntc.northants@

The NTC website is www.

John R Mander
Captain (M) NTC
Northamptonshire Navy
Training Corps

Can we really let HS2 happen unopposed

Are we all sleep walking into allowing the desecration of our countryside and blight upon our day-to-day living by the proposed HS2 cutting through our county and others?

By standing by and doing nothing to try to halt the implementation of the HS2 plan, which will have a devastating effect on an enormous swathe of middle England, we allow a greater impact to be inflicted on both the environment and the population. Far, far worse I would suggest than any from a potential ‘fracking’ site and with far greater financial cost and much less benefit!

May I also suggest to those who think the re-vamp of Northampton Castle Station causes inconvenience and not a little chaos, this would be multiplied a thousand fold if /when HS2 construction starts.

I would urge anyone concerned to join the “STOP HS2” campaign.

Toni Walker

Branch Committee

Northampton UKIP

We work hard to keep lakes tidy

With reference to Mr M J Franklin’s letter (Chron, Aug 15) regarding the large lake in Abington Park,I am a bailiff for the angling club and I take a lot of rubbish out of the lake and around.

I’m down there early in the mornings, so if Mr Franklin thinks he can clear the lake better, let him try to clean it and pull out the tree branches.

We, at the fishing club, try to clean the lake.

It would be nice if people would take their rubbish home or put it in the bins.

R. Hawkes
Lindsey Avenue

Whatever happened to our light?

Having read your article, ‘Council Site to get new lights’ (Chron, August 15), I find it difficult to understand why a street light which was fully operational has never been replaced in Hardingstone.

The street light in question was attached to a telegraph pole which, after a heavy storm during the night of January 4, 2012, decided to lean at an angle of 45 degrees due to it’s age and being rotten at ground level.

On this day, after telephone calls to various companies, the damaged pole was eventually replaced. The aged pole was removed together with the attached street light from the site and taken away.

Since then – with the assistance of Hardingstone Parish Council and a local councillor – I have attempted to have the street lamp replaced, but have met with all manner of excuses.

Hardingstone Parish Council are in possession of a letter written a few years ago, showing that Northamptonshire County Council would take over the responsibility and maintenance for this street light from Northampton Borough Council.

However, we still do not have a replacement street light for the one we believe had been in this position for possibly 45 years or more and had not been disconnected from the power supply due to recent cut-backs.

With an abundance of second-hand street lights at their disposal (due to replacements being made around the town) perhaps Northamptonshire County Council could instruct their contractors to site one at the end of our lane and re-connect to the power supply.

I do not feel this is too much to ask, before we “alter the clocks” and a second winter is spent in total darkness!!

Paul Jackson
Coldstream Lane

Move cattle market back into the town

Keep the bus station! Spruce it up, the brickwork is good for another 50 years. Common sense will tell you Legal and General are not going to invest here, there is not enough trade to do so. I say make the new bus station into a cattle market two days a week and then make it a covered market for fish and meat again.

This used to be a market town lets go back to it and bring traders back.

Ken Brown
Queens Park, Northampton

Is this a Post Office queue record?

Last Saturday I was in a queue at the Post Office in St Giles Street for 32 minutes to post a recorded delivery letter. Is this a record?

Shaun Hope
Rectory Lane
Milton Malsor

Upset by the actions of main parties

Nationally I see that apart from the big three, UKip are getting an undue amount of media coverage for a small party. Can’t see why, unless it’s that they will certainly take some of the Tory vote.

It isn’t because of their parliamentary prestige, they don’t field a single UKMP at present. Unlike the Green Party, who at least have Caroline Lucas as an MP and a very competent speaker.

Like most people I feel very disappointed by the present day politicians of all the big parties. Nationally some of them are bare-faced liars, and the public just doesn’t trust them. Locally they don’t listen to the people they are meant to serve. I must say I feel at home in the Green Party. It’s not all about the environment, a great deal is about fairness and honesty in dealing with people, and standing up for the little local business, and not giving the nod to everything the big boys propose, like those leading the current top three parties do.

Whilst I’m here, I’ll take another stab at the Labour party who have Ed Milliband on one side not saying anything definite that might brand him a leftie in the eyes of the daily papers, and the “warmonger” Blair on the other side saying Ed is already too far left.

Blair is trying to work his way back in, with the help of a few Blairites in the top ranks. What a shambles!

Just like the Lib-Dems who have sunk so low in the ratings that they’re almost out of sight.

Eamonn Fitzpatrick
Ridgeway, Northampton