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Mick Ford: There are bigger issues for the police than late night drinking

Mick Ford: There are bigger issues for the police than late night drinking

In June 2013, as an elected member of Northampton Borough Council I made my position clear with regard to Early Morning Restriction Orders, so I will not go over old ground.

The new police and crime commissioner Stephen Mold stated at a Far Cotton Residents Association meeting that if elected he would seek to curb all night drinking in our town.

He has now been elected.

He should make his priority looking at policing levels, make sure that they are working efficiently and upholding the existing laws in the public interest and that we have the right levels of officers to look after our town.

It has already been passed that all night drinking is acceptable.

If this is brought up again in council he must make sure that he only deals with facts and not be swayed by figures put forward at the last meeting.

I was called before the whip after the last Early Morning Restriction Orders meeting when I voted against it and was told that the then leader of the borough was very annoyed at me because he wanted it to go through. The elected police and crime commissioner he is here to serve the residents (all of them) and not to dictate how they live their lives.

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NORMAN GARNETT: Unpleasant sights on way into Northampton town centre

Your newspaper carried an article which suggested that a visit to the shopping centres is to be recommended. Unfortunately if you arrive by car at the Mayorhold car park the journey to the shops is perhaps not so pleasurable, pictures attached, these are only a few of the less attractive features of what could be an enjoyable experience (We wont mention the bus shelters in the Drapery).
We have lived in the town for 29 years and seem to have witnessed a steady decline in the town’s fortunes.
Northampton has so much to offer and yet we seem unable to profit from the good things which we have always had.
The heritage of the town and it’s older buildings seem to be generally ignored with many of these showing varying degrees of deterioration. 
Surely we all deserve better than this?

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Chron Letters: May 2

I am frequently reading just recently about the amount of litter in Northampton and particularly on the verges at the sides of roads. These reports generally seem to intimate that the problem is due to people throwing litter out of their car windows.

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