Your identity is more likely to be stolen in the east of Northampton than almost anywhere else

Personal data belonging to up to a quarter of Britons is available for sale on the hidden internet, an investigation has found - and people in the east of Northampton are a prime target.

Tuesday, 25th July 2017, 10:11 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 12:23 pm
NN3 in Northampton has one of the highest number of stolen identities for sale.

Cyber fraudsters are collecting material across the country but are also focusing on particular areas.

Intelligence company C6, which monitors the cryptomarkets selling identities, said fraudsters often targets areas with higher levels of rented or cheaper housing, to find addresses where goods bought using stolen identities could be delivered.

Other more wealthy postcodes might also be targeted for en masse cold calling scams to obtain individuals’ bank account details.

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Below is a snapshot of the 20 postcodes across where the most identities of individuals are being offered for sale on the Dark Web.

To see the full report on the dark web data trade in Northamptonshire and how the NN3 area is one of the worst hit in the UK, see hereRead more at:

1) LE2 (south Leicester) 28,935 identities

2) LE3 (west Leicester) 26,745 :

3) LE4 (north Leicester) 26,316 :

4) NG5 (north Nottingham) 21,766 :

5) NN3 (east Northampton) 21,206 :

6) PR1 (central Preston) 20,677 :

7) LE5 (east Leicester) 19,549 :

8) PR2 (north Preston) 19,543 :

9) CF5 (west Cardiff) 18.799 :

10) CF24 (central/east Cardiff) 17,477 :

11) NG9 (west Nottingham/Beeston) 17,419 :

12) B77 (Tamworth) 17,114 :

13) B98 (Redditch) 16,503 :

14) NG8 (north west Nottingham) 16,401 :

15) WV10 (north Wolverhampton) 16,004 :

16) CV6 (north Coventry) 15,802 :

17) LU3 (north Luton) 15,751 :

18) GU14 (Farnborough, Hants) 15,743 :

19) NG16 (Derbyshire/Notts) 15,664 :

20) LU2 (east/south Luton) 15,504