Youngster's hilarious reaction to motorbikes at Silverstone Moto GP goes viral...and is guaranteed to make you smile

This two-year-old boy's priceless reaction to motorbikes roaring past him at the Moto GP in Silverstone has gone viral - after the video was watched more than 40 MILLION times.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 10:32 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:16 pm
Logan Cox

Little Logan Cox was taken to Silverstone by his parents Daniel Cox, 27, and Kristy Vernalls, 27, because he is a big fan of bike racing.

And while other youngsters might have burst into tears at the noise of the powerful bikes racing past, Logan was captured on camera jumping for joy.

The 20-second clip shows ginger-haired Logan grinning widely and shaking with excitement as he watches the racers zoom past from behind a wire fence.

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Logan Cox

The youngster also claps his hands and laughs out loud as he turns his head to follow the bikes speed along the track.

Logan's reaction was captured last Sunday (4/9) while watching the Moto GP event at the Northamptonshire race track.

Dad Daniel posted the video on Facebook where it was viewed a staggering 40 million times in less than two days.

The clip has also been 'liked' 434,030 times and 227,000 people have commented on Logan's reaction.

Logan Cox with his father, Daniel, and mother, Kristy

Daniel, a shed and fencing manufacturer, said: "We stood in a place where all the bikes were coming down and at that point were shutting off so they were banging as they were shutting off.

"He loved the bikes doing that and every time his reaction was the same, his reaction was brilliant.

"I filmed him and my missus was filming the two of us.

"Logan loves bikes and his favourite rider is Valentino Rossi who was racing that day, he was loving it.

Logan Cox

"I thought a few people might like it but I didn't expect it to get this big this quick.

"Logan has got no idea but he knows when it is playing and says 'my video'.

"He went into nursery and everyone was saying 'Logan's a star' but he didn't know what they were going on about."

Nurse Kristy, who is 23 weeks pregnant with the couple's second child, added: "It was the first time for all three of us.

Logan Cox

"He has grown up with bikes, his granddad and both uncles have bikes. And his dad had a bike as well.

"He absolutely loves them, he is not scared of them.

"As soon as we got out the car he was excited and saying 'bikes mummy' and he could hear them.

"The closer we got the more excited he was.

"We have never seen him get that excited about anything so we wanted to capture it on video and take lots of pictures."

Logan has now been invited to a British Superbikes event at Donington Park next Sunday (18/9) where he will be allowed to sit on the bikes.

Logan Cox

Mum Kristy said: "Somebody commented on the video on the UniLad and said they wanted to give him some tickets to a bike race.

"She got hold of Dan and invited us to see a Superbikes race next weekend which is great.

"He is so excited about it already and can't wait."

Daniel added: "He has been involved with bikes since he was born.

"I've had road bikes for ages and we've always wanted to take him to an event.

"Silverstone came up and we thought let's take him there.

"It's the first time I've been there and I didn't realise how big it was."

Logan Cox
Logan Cox with his father, Daniel, and mother, Kristy
Logan Cox
Logan Cox
Logan Cox