Yobs win as tenants are forced to move out of troubled Northampton flat block

Overslade House is set to be vacated due to anti-social behaviour.
Overslade House is set to be vacated due to anti-social behaviour.

People living in a troublesome block of flats in Northampton are to be moved out en masse after a small group of yobs damaged all of the fire safety equipment there.

Back in 2015 the Chronicle and Echo reported how some residents of Overslade House in East Hunsbury were afraid to leave their apartments because of the anti -social behaviour of a group of residents.

Overslade House.

Overslade House.

Their complaints included reports of motorbikes being driven around the forecourt in the early hours, fires and verbal abuse.

Now Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) is set to move the tenants of all 66 flats to temporary accomodation, after the fire safety installations were "maliciously damaged".

A spokesman for NPH, said: "Overslade House has had ongoing problems with anti-social behaviour caused by a small number of residents.

"Following a joint visit with the fire service, we took the decision to temporarily move residents from the block so that we can properly assess the damage and carry out essential maintenance on the building."

NPH says it has met with 27 residents there already to discuss the move.

One tenant, who has lived there for eight years but did not wish to be named, said the move has placed a lot of stress on those have never caused trouble.

"At the moment I have no idea where I I am going," said the tenant.

"It is going to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

"It is stressful and it is upsetting because, yes this place has a lot of problems, but some of us have really made our flats into homes.

"We have decorated the place, we have made it somewhere people enjoy coming to."

But the tenant added that part of him was glad to be moving out.

As of yesterday, a set of bins at Overslade House remained blackened through fire damage. Parties are regularly held by the yobs in the court yard and only recently a newly installed CCTV system was ripped out by vandals.

"I will actually be able to get some sleep for once," said our source. "Without listening to shouting, screaming and loud music at all hours."

The NPH spokesman said the organisation will meet with all the residents of Overslade House in the coming weeks.

He said: “We want to reassure all residents living at Overslade House that we are on hand to support and answer questions during the move.

"We’ve met in person with 27 people already at "Overslade House (as of Friday, September 1) and we’re going to continue to meet with each resident individually to offer support and advice on their move.

"Each person will be moved to accommodation that is suitable for them with care and consideration taken for their individual needs."