X Factor audition success for Northamptonshire karaoke regular but doesn’t make it through to next round

Evelina Parker at Wembly Arena for her first audition
Evelina Parker at Wembly Arena for her first audition

A woman from Daventry sang at Wembley Arena on Wednesday afternoon in the second round of auditions for the X Factor.

Evelina Parker, from The Severn, had already made it past the first round, singing in front of the show’s production team but sadly didn’t make it through this week’s second audition.

Mrs Parker works as a mid-day supervisor at The Grange School in Daventry, and as a cleaner, including at the Daventry Express office in High Street.

She said: “I like karaoke and sing at places like The Peppermill, Daventry Town Football Club and the Dun Cow. Last year I applied for X Factor, but they wanted me to go to Newcastle for the audition so I said no.

“I applied again this year and was asked to go down to Wembley Arena on Sunday. We got there at about 7.30am, and the queue was already huge. We got inside and sat down, and they were calling people by rows of seats, but we were right at the back! It was about 9.30pm when I got called through.

“I’d sat and seen people coming out in tears, or cheering with happiness. I was so nervous my hands were shaking. The four people there asked me my name and what I did, and I told them I was a scrubber and they burst out laughing.

“I sang Whitney Houston’s One Moment In Time, and they said to me not to stop. They asked me why I hadn’t applied before, and told me I was through.

“When I got outside and told my two boys, and they were crying and said they were really proud of me, and my heart melted. They said just go for it.

“At the school I was working in the dinner hall and one of the children asked if it was true that I’d auditioned for X Factor and wanted to know what I sang. But they’re young and they don’t know of people like Whitney Houston or Tina Turner! So I said Amy Winehouse and they just about knew of her. It’s so good though that people are already supporting me on Facebook or when I go into the shops.”

The second round of auditions was held at Wembly Arena this week.

Before the audition she said: “I’m going to go have fun and see what happens. I don’t know if it’ll be in front of the actual judges or the production crew again – although I’m not scared of Simon Cowell. I started singing as a child back home on Flores in Indonesia. My mum and dad had nine children and it was kind of a band; I was one of the singers.”

However Mrs Parker didn’t make it through to the next round after the panel from the production team decided she wasn’t right to go through.

Mrs Parker said: “It was really good but I didn’t go through – never mind, always try.”