Wounded war hero brings charity golfing day to Northampton

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An ex-serviceman who was left injured in Afghanistan by an explosive device back in 2007 is bringing a charity golfing day to Northampton next month.

Nick Davis is to host the event in aid of the Colonel’s Fund at Kingsthorpe Golf Club next month in a bid to support injured Grenadier Guardsmen and their bereaved families.

The soldier, who served in The Queens Company Grenadier Guards for 11 years, said: “I was injured in 2007 in Afghanistan by an improvised explosive device (IED), this resulted in me losing my right leg and experiencing extensive soft tissue damage.

“A big thing for me is having a sport to play but also a release from the everyday realisations of my injuries and the fact that I am now disabled. The psychological benefits from golf can be tremendous and have real positive impacts on your state of mind.”

The event which is due to take place on April 22 will feature an 18-hole golf-course, a three course meal and a charity auction.

Mr Davis added: “I found my release through golf which played a massive part for me getting back to some form of normality. I have found this out first hand, not only due to me being disabled through my injuries but also from suffering with depression.

“The charity golf day is way of me giving something back to my Regiment for the support they have given me over the years. The ultimate aim with the money we raise is to arrange a golf rehabilitation trip for injured veterans from the Grenadier Guards.”

Nick was originally wounded on Operation Herrick 06 when he lost his right leg and suffered extensive blast injuries and tissue damage and has received support from the Colonel’s Fund through their regimental casualty officer, Matt Ellmer.

Tickets cost £45 and all proceeds shall be donated to the Colonels Fund.

To book your place send an email to Mike Britton on mike.britton@goodwillsolutions.co.uk