Workers shouted 'get out' following chemical leak at Carlsberg in Northampton, inquest hears

David Chandler
David Chandler

A firsthand account of an ammonia leak that killed a 45-year-old man at the Carlsberg factory in Northampton was heard today.

David Chandler, 45, from Shropshire, died of ammonia inhalation while working on site as an engineering contractor for Speedrite Ltd on November 9, 2016.

At the second day of his inquest today (June 20), a contractor told the jury how he first realised something was wrong.

Anthony Warren, a pipe fitter who was working at the factory at the time, said: “These two men were running towards me. They were shouting to get out... there was thick cloud behind them.”

The leak reportedly sprung during contractor work on a compressor, which uses ammonia to chill products used in brewing beer.

David Chandler was killed almost instantly in the leak that put over 20 people in hospital. A post mortem showed he died of ammonia inhalation.

The inquest continues.