Workers in Northamptonshire urged to work together to get fit in 2015

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Northamptonshire Sport calls for workplaces to get social in sticking to their New Year’s resolutions

Workplaces across Northamptonshire are getting on their starting blocks ready to compete in the new ‘My Team 2015’ workplace health campaign, starting with an eight week physical activity themed challenge on January 5, 2015.

‘My Team 2015’, an initiative masterminded by Workplace Challenge, will run throughout the year but will start with an eight-week long challenge running between January 5 and March 1, 2015.

Northamptonshire Sport are delivering the campaign by encouraging employees across the region to get together with colleagues to pool their efforts and win points for their workplace by taking part in sports and other physical pursuits using Workplace Challenge’s online activity tracker tool. The company earning the highest number of activity points by March 1 will clinch the title of the most active workplace in Northamptonshire.

To add extra fire and the motivation of a little bit of friendly rivalry to the 2015 competition, Northamptonshire Sport are encouraging participants to share their team goals and successes via social media and challenge other local businesses to take up the challenge using #MyTeam2015 or a new ‘refer a friend or colleague’ functionality.

Sarah Harvey, from Northamptonshire Sport, said: “Northamptonshire Sport are delighted to be one of the County Sports Partnerships working with Workplace Challenge, to roll out ‘My Team 2015’ across the country.

“We would love to see all workplaces from embracing the social spirit of the new campaign, using the camaraderie generated to support their employees in leading healthier lifestyles and in turn enjoying the productivity and cost-saving benefits a more physically active workforce has been proven to generate.”

Lee Mason, chief executive of the County Sports Partnership Network (CSP Network), said: “I’m delighted to see Northamptonshire Sport and workplaces in the area getting behind Workplace Challenge again in 2015 and making the most of a great opportunity to play a leading role in encouraging employees to lead more active and healthier lifestyles.

“The aim of ‘My Team 2015’ is to encourage workers to build their own support network by initiating a team approach to exercise at work. It’s a team-spirited ethos we believe strongly in at the CSPN and will be actively promoting through every member of our network in 2015.”

For more information and to register your workplace to take part in ‘My Team 2015’ for free, log on to or visit