Workers in Northamptonshire have right to ask for more flexible hours


​Employees in Northamptonshire have the right to request flexible working hours from today.

Those who have been working for their employer for at least six months will be able to benefit from the new Acas​ (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service​)​​ Code of Practice, which previously applied only to carers and those looking after children.

Kate Nowicki, ​d​irector for Acas East Midlands​,​ said: “There are many types of flexible working such as part-time working, flexitime, job sharing, shift working and homeworking. Acas has also published a new guide today to help employers in Northamptonshire manage homeworking.”

​A​ new guide​ includes advice on how to apply for flexible working hours, and details the approach that employers should take when considering a request.

“Our new guide has practical examples to help local businesses or employers manage flexible working requests in a reasonable way and avoid any pitfalls.

“Many employers in Northamptonshire recognise that they can retain talented staff by offering a flexible approach to work and a healthy work life balance can help business success and growth.”