Woman whose Northampton flat was gutted by fire placed in council flat infested with wasps

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A disabled woman was placed in a Northampton council house that was infested with swarms of wasps in the living room.

Margaret Thorneycroft, aged 72, was in a council flat in Kingsthorpe until it was gutted by fire three weeks ago.

Margaret Thorneycroft

Margaret Thorneycroft

She, along with her son and his wife, were placed in temporary accommodation in London Road, Far Cotton, only to find it was it was infested with wasps.

Anthony Thorneycroft, her son, said: “It was bad enough that the main bathroom was up two flights of stairs so mum can’t reach it.

“But immediately after we moved in, we started seeing wasps flying about the place.

“I’d say there are about 30 to 40 at a time coming from behind the fireplace. Unfortunately mum is allergic to wasp stings and she has to sleep downstairs.

“We’re constantly terrified about her being stung.”

Northampton Partnership Homes, which manages local authority homes on behalf of Northampton Borough Council, said the new house was the only suitable one available at short notice.

A spokeswoman said a pest control company has tried to rid the house of wasps using a smoke bomb, but it was not successful.

She said the company had tried again on Tuesday after being contacted by the Chron.

She also pointed out that London Road house has a toilet and sink downstairs.