Woman warns residents after 30 gates stolen from Northamptonshire homes in two weeks

Gates stolen from Moulton home
Gates stolen from Moulton home

A woman who had her gates stolen overnight has warned residents to be vigilant following a spate of almost 30 similar thefts in Northamptonshire.

The thefts all seem to have taken place in the north of the town, in areas such as Brixworth, Pitsford and Moulton.

Bev Halsey contacted police after she noticed her own gates - a seven foot wide by five foot high wooden set costing £800 - had gone missing overnight earlier this month.

Mrs Halsey, who lives in Boughton Lane in Moulton, said: “I got up early in the morning and noticed the gates at the front of the drive weren’t closed, so I thought I had left them open. But when I went out they had completely gone.

“I called the police and my insurance company who said they had never heard anything like it before.

“But then when I phoned Hassett Fencing Ltd for a quote on a new one, they told me they had had about eight people call about similar gate thefts in that weekend alone, and around 15-20 the week before.

“They are heavy gates and would have taken more than one person to remove and take away. It’s quite a busy road, even at night, so I’m amazed at the brazenness of whoever stole them.

“My daughter did say she heard some noise in the night but didn’t think anything of it, so I would advise anyone in the area with gates to be vigilant.”