Woman trapped in a Northampton car park by two men who took her £1.20 parking ticket

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A woman was left “scared and intimidated” after two men blocked her into a car park and forced her to give them her £1.20 parking ticket.

Lesley Dempsey, of Fishpond Close, in Denton, had been parked at the car park off St Edmund’s Road near Northampton town centre for 10 minutes when she returned to find two cars parked between her and the exit.

She said: “There were two men loitering around and one approached me and said that one of the cars, a grey saloon, was his. When I asked him to move it he just shrugged.

“I got in my car and he said that he wanted my parking ticket, but when I said I wouldn’t let him have it unless he moved his car, he forced his way in to grab it from the dashboard.

“He moved his car but the other, a smaller green car, was still in the way.

“The other man said that it wasn’t his and started shouting at me as I struggled to drive around it. However, he then got into the car, which was clearly his, to move it.

She added: “It was very intimidating and, after all that, the second car was still illegally parked without a ticket.”

Mrs Dempsey, aged 53, reported the incident on Friday, August 15, to the police and to Northampton Borough Council, which owns the car park.

She also spoke to a nearby parking attendant who said there was nothing he could do.

Northamptonshire Police said that they were treating the incident as anti-social behaviour.

A police spokesman said the incident has been dealt with as a parking dispute and people who may have been in the car park at the time have been spoken to.