Woman taken to hospital after hit-and-run in Corby


An 18-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being hit by a car which drove off without stopping.

Police were called after the woman was hit by a vehicle by the corner of Cottingham Road and Elizabeth Street in Corby, opposite West Glebe Park, at about 5.30am yesterday.

She suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital, but the driver failed to stop and drove off from the scene.

A police spokesman said they were called just before 6am and added: “We were called to a report of an 18-year-old girl who had been hit by a car and the car made off from the scene.

“She was taken to Kettering General Hospital with minor injuries.

“We are appealing for any witnesses who may have witnessed the incident or have any information about it.

“We would also like to hear from anyone who may have seen a car with damage on it since yesterday morning.”

It is believed that the car drove off towards the town centre.

Anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to call police on 101.