Woman caught drink-driving after being ejected from taxi for being boisterous

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A woman drove home drunk after being ejected from a taxi for being boisterous, a court has heard.

Katy Tague had been out on the night of October 21 and caught a taxi home with a friends. But after the taxi driver asked them to get out, she decided to drive home.

Tague, aged 19, of Battalion Drive, Wootton, was stopped by police in Cliftonville at 4.20am on October 22, and was just under twice the legal limit, Northampton Magistrates Court heard today.

The lowest breathalyser reading she gave was 64 microgrammes of alchol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Tague, who represented herself in court, said her behaviour in the taxi was just that of friends having a fun night out, and she would lose her job as a result of the conviction.

She said: “I am totally ashamed of my decision. I did not go out that evening with the intention to drink and drive. We were asked to leave a taxi and I took the decision to drive. I am very sorry.”

Tague was fined £300 plus £85 costs, and banned from driving for 17 months.