Woman blasts RSPCA after horse found dead in Northamptonshire field

One of the horses in the field where another was found dead
One of the horses in the field where another was found dead

A woman says the RSPCA’s apparent lack of concern after a horse was found dead in an Irchester field is “beyond a joke”.

The horse was discovered in a field near Chester Road earlier this week, the second in the area this month after a horse died in Wellingborough’s Embankment.

One animal lover, who did not want to be named, contacted the Northants Telegraph and says the horses are being neglected.

She said: “I’m really concerned, not only about the horses in Irchester but the ones in Wellingborough too.

“The RSPCA are hiding behind the fact that they are given basic care but basic care isn’t enough, it amounts to neglect.

“Some of them have hair so matted they can’t even swing their head, it’s beyond a joke.

“They are full of brambles and the fields get flooded, they’ve had to be rescued by firefighters before.

“These poor horses must be terrified.”

The woman added that she felt the RSPCA could utilise its powers and intervene.

She said: “We’re supposedly a nation of animal lovers but as soon as it comes to helping Traveller horses we seem to shy away.

“I’ve spoken to the RSPCA but the concerns keep getting brushed off.

“They have to powers to help but they aren’t using them.

“If an owner can’t give the horse proper care then they shouldn’t have them in the first place.”

The RSPCA cannot take the animals without the permission of the owners.

A spokesman for the RSCPA said they they have no urgent concerns about the welfare of the horses.

She said: “We received a call about a dead horse in a field in Irchester and an inspector promptly went to the scene.

“A vet was also called and, after examining the horse, confirmed that the horse died from natural causes.

“The vet also checked over the remaining horses in the field and no urgent concerns were found.

“An RSPCA inspector checked on the horses on Tuesday (January 19) and witnessed them grazing.

“We will continue to monitor them.”