Witness statement could help hunt for Lord Lucan

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A WITNESS statement made by the sister of Lord Lucan has shed new light on one of the county’s most infamous murder investigations.

In a police witness statement, which has never been seen before, Lord Lucan’s sister Lady Sarah Gibbs, who lived in Guilsborough, revealed a 
mystery man may have been living at the Belgravia house where Lucan is believed to 
have murdered his children’s nanny.

Sandra Rivett was found bludgeoned to death by police in 1974. Lucan, who was later convicted of her murder in his absence at an inquest, disappeared shortly after.

In the police statement Lady Sarah told detectives how Lucan’s then four-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Camilla Bingham, claimed there was a “mystery man” living in their Belgravia home.

In the statement, taken shortly after the murder, she recounted how the man “sometimes he sleeps in Nanny’s room, and Nanny sleeps with us, and sometimes he sleeps in Mummy’s, she’s got a gigantic bed”. In the statement, Lady Sarah Gibbs says she thought he was the nanny’s boyfriend because the elder sister, Frances, referred to him.

Lucan’s three children went to live with Lady Sarah at her Northamptonshire home after the murder.

The claims were broadcast by BBC Inside Out South East this week after the discovery of police files at the home of the detective who led the hunt for Lord Lucan.

Furthermore, in his first ever television interview, Lord Lucan’s brother Hugh Bingham claimed he still does not believe Lucan killed himself and said he is “encouraged by the idea that there is fresh evidence”.

He described his brother as “resourceful” and said there was a chance he successfully led the country.