Widower calls for women to demand biopsy after wife died following misdiagnosis for breast cancer

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The husband of a young mother who died from breast cancer after she was advised by Northampton doctors to treat a lump in her breast with primrose oil has urged women to demand a biopsy if they are worried about a piece of skin tissue.

Mohammed Chaudhry, of Weston Favell, lost his wife Samina, aged 33, after it took repeated hospital appointments over a two-year period before Northampton General Hospital agreed to a biopsy of her breast.

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The results revealed Samina had advanced breast cancer and she survived just four more years after the cancer spread to her brain.

Figures from the Cancer Research charity show survival rates improve with early diagnosis and show Samina would have stood a 77 per cent chance of surviving another 10 years.

Mr Chaudhry, who lost his wife in December 2012, said he believes they were “fobbed off” by doctors at Northampton General Hospital who diagnosed the painful lump on his wife’s breast as an eczema-like skin complaint and told her to treat it with primrose oil ointment.

He said: “The first time she mentioned it she knew something seriously was wrong.

“I’m not saying she would not have got cancer but potentially she could have lived to her mid-40s or longer if she had been diagnosed quicker.

“I would just advise people not to take no for an answer if they believe there is something seriously wrong.”

Following his wife’s death Mr Chaudhry took legal action against Northampton General Hospital NHS and he was awarded £525,000 plus costs in June 2013.

Andrea Rusbridge, who handled the case for Shoosmiths, said: “This was a tragic case that should not have happened. If our client had been taken seriously at the outset and a follow up biopsy been taken she would have in all probability, been here now.”

A spokesman for Northampton General Hospital said: “We very much regret that the care we provided to Mrs Chaudhry fell below the standard she was reasonably entitled to expect and that we strive to provide. The importance of learning from mistakes of this nature is fully recognised so that we can ensure a similar incident does not occur in the future.”