Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire apologises for Frozen traffic chaos

The Frozen event at Wicksteed Park led to very heavy traffic
The Frozen event at Wicksteed Park led to very heavy traffic

Wicksteed Park says it is holding a “full review” after its Frozen-themed event on Wednesday caused widespread traffic problems in and around Kettering.

The event, aimed at youngsters and based on the animated Disney hit film Frozen, saw thousands of people try to get to the park which meant there was very heavy traffic in Barton Road, on the A6 and the A14.

The Telegraph was contacted by people who said they had missed medical appointments or who had waited in vain for buses which were hours late as a result.

The park gates were closed to traffic shortly after 11am as the park had filled up.

Hundreds of youngsters inside the event enjoyed a number of activities, which you can see in our photo slideshow here.

In a statement, Wicksteed Park said: “Everyone at Wicksteed Park would like to apologise to anyone who had a disappointing experience at our Playday yesterday.

“We are currently holding a full review into the event to see what lessons can be learned and what changes could be made to the format to prevent difficulties in the future.

“Playdays are free and put on for the benefit of the local community and we have organised and run several successful events of this nature over the last two years.

“We anticipated a large turnout but I don’t think anyone could have anticipated the incredible level of interest, created by a combination of the Frozen theme, a beautiful sunny day and the free nature of the activities.

“In advance of the event our publicity had stressed that the event was running all day, so there was no need for people to all turn up at the same time.

“However, as soon as it became apparent that so many people wanted to attend, we changed the format of the day to move many of the elements outside and used social media to warn people about the congestion.”

Many people took to social media to criticise the park during and after the event.