Why is the A45 through Northampton a rubbish tip? Chron readers want answers

Increasing amounts of dumped rubbish along the length of a major road into Northampton is prompting calls to get the route cleaned up.

Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 6:30 am
Updated Saturday, 2nd April 2016, 8:36 am
Chron readers are fed up of seeing swathes of litter along the A45.

The A45 Nene Valley Way heading out to the east of Northampton towards Wellingborough is one of the busiest stretches in the county - but according to Chronicle and Echo readers, it is also one of the dirtiest.

This week motorists’ anger at the miles of detritus has reached tipping point.

As Highways England workers carry out tree cutting along the stretch, people have contacted the Chron to wonder why the litter could not be picked up at the same time.

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Paul Frith, a driver for St Andrews Hospital, who travels from his home in Raunds along the A45 every day, says he can’t stand to look at it anymore.

There are bits where you find yourself looking for a blade of grass it’s so covered in rubbish.

“The crazy thing is they are cutting back the trees in the area, why can’t someone pick up the rubbish as they go?

“There are bits of plastic, bits of cars, wrappers, it’s revolting. I’ve been staring at the same waste for three years.”

In order for litter picks to be a carried out on the side of the road, lane closures need to be put in place. Highways England, which maintains the major roads in the UK, has to give permission for that to happen on the A45, but it says the ultimate responsibility lies with Northampton Borough Council.

The council was unable to provide a comment yesterday.

But while the tree cutting is taking place, over the past few days lanes have been coned off. A further overnight closure is expected on the Great Billing exit slip road between April 8 and 9.

Reader Celia Chester drives along the A45 regularly as well and says, this would be an ideal time for the council to come and clean the stretch.

She said: “I have never known it to be this bad, I don’t know why, it makes me ashamed to be British.”

When the Chron took to Facebook, more than 40 readers commented about the state of the roadside.

Reader Skippy Skippen, said: “On driving to Barnwell country park just two days ago I mentioned to my wife just how filthy the A45 is, it’s an embarrassment, funny how the closer we got to Peterborough the cleaner the roads became.”

Stacy Bowers, said: “The A45 is treated as a dump site not by all, but most of the people who use it. It isn’t just the A45 between Northampton and Raunds. It’s along most of the dual carriageways throughout Northamptonshire.”

And Tara Bradley, said: “We drove on that road last week, it’s shocking, I think it’s disgusting how people litter without a care, it’s down to everybody to stop throwing it in the first place, I would very much appreciate a clean up.”

What do you think is the dirtiest road in Northamptonshire? Contact us and send us pictures via email at [email protected]