Wellingborough’s Castle theatre to close today, according to reports

The Castle is reported to be closing today
The Castle is reported to be closing today

It has been reported that The Castle theatre is to close its doors later today.

It comes after The Castle (Wellingborough) Limited, which ran the theatre, was put into administration in April following the loss of its contract with Wellingborough Council.

Since then, administrators have been working to find a solution to secure the theatre’s long-term future.

A statement released on Facebook by the Save The Castle group, which has been working to find ways to support and save the theatre, said: “I have just had a phone conversation with the leader of the council, Cllr Martin Griffiths, about the situation with The Castle theatre.

“Apparently The Castle will be closing tomorrow after the Referendum vote.

“So those of us who have that as our polling station can still go and vote as usual.

“The council have every intention of re-opening the theatre as soon as they can.

“Officers from the council will make a statement about the situation as soon as possible.

“But given many members of staff, including the chief executive, are presently fully engaged in all the work they are required to do for the Referendum, this may take a little while.

“I hope that this information helps, I’m sure there are loads more questions and concerns people have and maybe the council’s statement, when it comes, will take us a bit further but who can say.

“All I can say is in the next few days, weeks and even months is when we, the community of Wellingborough will need to step forward to help.”

The Northants Telegraph has tried to get confirmation on the theatre’s future, including contacting the theatre itself, the council and the administrators, but has yet to receive further information.

A number of people have contacted the Telegraph after learning about the cancellation of shows, including Peter Pan which was due to run from today until June 25 and the Tad Newton 70th anniversary bash, which was due to take place tonight.

The Telegraph will update this story as soon we have further details on the theatre’s future.