Weather station in Northamptonshire appeals for donations for new equipment

Subscribers are being sought who can fund automatic weather forecasting kit based at a Northamptonshire School.

Friday, 24th June 2016, 5:27 am

Describing itself as the county’s premier source of meteorological data, the not-for-profit Pitsford Weather Centre has been based at Pitsford School since 1998.

But the equipment is in need of an upgrade to help get high-quality data to the public even faster using an automated system.

Donations are being sought that would buy a wireless transmitter, additional thermometers and the replacement of a 15-year-old sensor suite.

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Mike Lewis, the centre’s manager, said: “Thanks to the generosity of our regular subscribers, we have so far achieved enough funding to commission the building of a significant proportion of the automatic weather station.

“The final phase of our campaign now focuses on the part of the system responsible for capturing grass and concrete temperatures, and solar data.”

The centre is just £400 short of its target.

Mr Lewis said: “If you have yet to contribute to our fund, we would be delighted to receive any donation.

“Our achievement so far as been possible with some rather generous donations from relatively few subscribers.”

The automatic weather station at Pitsford Hall captures data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunshine, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, pressure and uv radiation every 10 minutes.

The station also benefits from having a Boltek lightning detection system, which can provide an early warning of approaching thunderstorms across the county as well as a fully automated email messaging service.

The centre is a regular contributor to articles in the local press, features on local radio and has even attracted the attention of TV film crews.

Anyone interested in becoming a donor can email: or call Northampton 880306.