We need a new roundabout at Bedford Road junction, says Northampton councillor

The Bedford Road junction is often congested
The Bedford Road junction is often congested

Congestion near the Waterside Campus would be alleviated if a roundabout was installed to replace nearby traffic lights.

That is the assertion of a councillor helping examine the effect of the University of Northampton's move to the town centre.

Graham Walker, chair of the scrutiny panel, said the traffic signal-controlled Bedford Road junction with Cheyne Walk and Victoria Promenade has become a daily trial for many motorists.

He said: "It's just my opinion but there ought to be a roundabout there instead of the traffic lights to keep the flow going."

Councillor Walker said that lorries and large vehicles travelling away from the university are often unable to get down the left lane because it is narrow, and this causes traffic to back up.

Others have complained about the right turn onto Cheyne Walk, which can leave vehicles stranded in the middle of the junction as oncoming traffic blocks their exit.

Councillor Walker said: "It causes problems along Bedford Road, and towards Morrison's.

"The junction was only redesigned in the last few years but it just doesn't work like it should."