Waiting list of 148 people for life-saving organs in Northamptonshire

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There are 148 people in Northamptonshire waiting for a life-saving organ.

However, only 11 people in the county received a transplant in the whole of last year.

Those statistics have prompted a former scientist at Northampton General 
Hospital, Peter Martin, to promote the I DOnate campaign urging more people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor Register.

He said: “I thought it was something really worth changing in Northamptonshire.

“When you work in the NHS, you make a commitment to help people and that doesn’t suddenly end when you 

“It’s right that people know what the the true picture is in Northamptonshire so they can perhaps make a difference to those figures.”

In the last five years 44 people have died in Northamptonshire waiting for a heart, lung, kidney, liver or pancreas transplant.

Of the 11 who were successful, eight got a new kidney and three a new liver.

Mr Martin said: “I just want to raise public awareness 
because if you can just get people to sign up to the NHS 
Organ Donor register, there’s a 95 per cent chance their family will agree to the donation.

“This drops to only 46 per cent when donation wishes aren’t known.”

The I DOnate website www.idonatecampaign.co.uk has facts about donation and also offers the chance to win 
a pair of Steelbacks T20 tickets.