Vulnerable Northampton man beaten up and robbed of his mobility scooter in his own home

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A 62-year-old disabled man from Northampton, who was beaten and robbed in his own home, is now frightened to live in his bungalow alone.

Brian Tew, of Cardigan Close in Spencer, was punched in the face three times, pushed over and had his mobile phone and mobility scooter stolen by two young men on Monday evening at around 8.30pm.

Mr Tew was sat on the sofa watching TV when he saw two men enter his back garden.

Brian’s sister, Pat Hutchings said: “My brother is mentally handicapped and struggles to walk. He was that shaken up on Monday night, he had to stay at my house.”

Mr Tew described the two males as “young lads, both with skinheads.”

In an attempt to steal the mobility scooter, one punched Mr Tew in the face three times and pushed him over, which caused the 62-year-old to sprain his ankle and bruised his knee.

Mr Tew then made his way into the bedroom to call for help but the second robber followed him into the room and stole his phone before fleeing.

Mrs Hutchings added: “Brian not having his scooter has affected him very much - unless I can get a lift for him, he can’t go out as he struggles to walk.”

The victim, who was taken to A&E on Monday night, kept the scooter in the living room as he felt the garden was an unsafe area.

Mr Tew paid £93 a month for his new mobility scooter and had it for just over a month before it was taken.

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