Volunteers spend six weeks hand-crafting 1,000 daffodils for Easter church display

Former headteacher of at Blisworth Community Primary School, Ceila Irwin, wasn't looking to put her feet up when she gave up teaching last August.

Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 12:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 16th April 2019, 12:27 pm
Ceila Irwin pictured with reverend Byung June Kim, stood next to her display at St Peter & St Paul's Church in Park Avenue South.

Since she's retired Ceila, and a whole host of big-hearted volunteers, have made over 3,000 artificial flowers from scratch.

Those flowers have gone on display in the churchyard outside St Peter & St Paul's Church in Park Avenue South, in Abington, to commemorate Easter and Armistice Day.

The most recent 800-strong daffodil project is part of Ceila's second flower display, coordinated by her business, Artified. The daffodils, made out of Ragu clay, were planted on March 8 and will be on display for several weeks.

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The Marie Curie Field of Hope is just around the corner to the Church of St Peter and St Paul, and each daffodil planted there represents someone who has died of cancer, or has gone through a terminal illness.

Similarly, the ceramic daffodils in the churchyard also represent hope and were sold as a Mothering Sunday gift, or they can be still be bought as a reminder of a loved one who has been through a terminal illness such as cancer.

Celia, who lives in Kingsthorpe, said: "It takes a long time to make them, we've been working on them night and day.

"It's a labour of love."

While the daffodils are on display, the church will be open each day between 11am and 1pm and on Easter Monday, during those same hours, Ceila will be hosting a balloon release with Marie Curie.

New reverend Byung June Kim has been at the church for three weeks and thinks the daffodils are a lovely addition to the cemetery.

He said: "We love to have these daffodils displayed as beautiful art.

"The church is here as a sanctuary for everyone and having the daffodils really helps us to fulfil that calling."

The daffodils can be purchased through the online shop or through an order form available at the church, and will be taken down next Wednesday (April 24).

The cost of a daffodil sale is £2.50 and will be donated to the Church of St Peter & St Paul, and £2.50 will be given to Marie Curie. ?