Volunteer Sandra wins top award

A Northampton woman who has been secretary of her local Diabetes UK support group for 30 years has won a volunteering award from the charity Diabetes UK.

Sandra Attwood, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 31 years ago, won the Supporting Others award at the charity’s national Inspire Awards. Sandra had already won the regional award.

Sandra, a former diabetes nurse educator, said that she initially joined the group to learn as much as she could about the condition so she could control it better.

Not only is Sandra the secretary of the Northampton area group but she is also a patient representative, which involves monitoring diabetes care standards in the area. From organising petitions to prevent podiatry services from being axed to protecting the roles of diabetes specialist nurses in the area, Sandra is a formidable campaigner on behalf of people with diabetes.

She said: “I am really pleased and feel very humbled that people think that my work deserves an award.”