Visitors to Northampton General Hospital urged to stay away if family members have ‘flu-like’ symptoms

GV of Northampton General Hospital. 'NEWS, NEWSDESK. ENGNNL00120110804164308
GV of Northampton General Hospital. 'NEWS, NEWSDESK. ENGNNL00120110804164308

Northampton General Hospital is asking anyone planning to visit the hospital to stay away if they or their family members have had diarrhoea, vomiting or ‘flu-like’ symptoms in the last four days.

The hospital is trying to keep the ‘winter vomiting bug’ or norovirus away from vulnerable patients and staff who could pass it on.

Symptoms of norovirus include diarrhoea and vomiting and, like flu, the virus can seriously affect vulnerable patients.

Carolyn Fox, Director Of Nursing, Midwifery & Patient Services, said: “People want to see friends and relatives in hospital as often as they can. However, by visiting while they’re ill with a stomach bug, they can easily bring the virus into hospital. This can be particularly serious for people who are already ill or who have a long-term condition.

“We usually see higher levels of norovirus in autumn and winter, and it’s really important to make sure that we protect vulnerable patients and hospital staff.

“This is why we’re asking everyone considering visiting a friend or relative in hospital to think carefully about whether they need to come if they have experienced an upset stomach, diarrhoea or vomiting in the last four days.

“We know that sometimes visitors feel they must take every opportunity to visit sick friends or relatives. However, if they themselves have been unwell, they could be putting others at risk. If you’re unsure whether to visit, please feel free to contact the ward nurse before you come into hospital.”