Violent thug from Northampton who committed numerous assaults and spat at police officers is jailed

Liam Norris
Liam Norris

A violent man from Northampton who assaulted two men in the town centre and then assaulted four police officers after he was arrested has received a 20-month jail sentence.

Liam Norris, aged 22, of West Oval. Kings Heath, appeared at Northampton Crown Court for sentencing after he admitted 12 offences, including a number of assaults on police officers.

The court heard Norris attacked a friend he had been drinking with on July 2 last year.

The friend was punched in the face twice and had to climb out of window to escape so he was able to contact police.

Dominic Woolard, prosecuting, said the victim suffered a bruised nose and scratches to the face.

Norris also admitted a criminal damage charge relating to an incident at Faces bar in Bridge Street on September 1, 2014.

The court heard Norris caused £500 worth of damage to a glass panel at the front of the bar after he was ejected from a private party.

After police officers he then resisted arrest by stopping officers from getting both his arms in handcuffs.

On November 16, Norris committed a further assault after he attacked a woman who he was sharing a house with in Abington Avenue, Northampton.

Mr Woolard said Norris punched the woman in the face causing her to suffer a swollen lip and cheekbone and a chipped tooth.

On January 24 this year, Norris then committed another offence of criminal damage after he smashed open the door of the shared house in Abington Avenue.

Norris also committed an actual bodily harm offence and assault on two men in Northampton town centre on April 26 this year.

Mr Woolard said, at about 3am, a man was being sick in The Drapery when he was punched in the face by Norris.

He said: “The victim’s friend then came over to his assistance and he was punched in the face by Norris, knocking him on the floor unconscious.

“Norris then kicked him in the head while he was on the floor.”

Mr Woolard said the victim was taken to Northampton General Hospital and was treated for bruises to his head, eye and a chipped tooth.

The court heard that three officers went to arrest Norris at the scene and he pushed and spat at two of them.

When he was in the custody suite, Norris again spat at a police officer and kicked two other officers to the floor.

The court heard that the affray alarm was activated in the cells and Norris then put his mattress up against his cell door and refused to be interviewed.

Norris, who has 12 convictions for 23 offences, was also in breach of an 18-month community order he received for affray in May 2014.

Maxine Krone, mitigating, said Norris had problems with binge drinking and anger management.

His Honour Judge Timothy Smith said Norris had a pattern of weekend drinks binges ending in offences and he had been unable to address his problems.

He said: “A number of innocent people have been the subject of your violent and seriously anti-social behaviour.”

Norris was sentenced to a total of 90 weeks in prison, including one year for the actual bodily harm offence, 26 weeks for the assaults and 12 weeks for breaching his community order.

He must pay £150 costs.