VIDEO: ‘Wealdstone Raider’ donates money raised by single to Northampton charity

YouTube sensation the Wealdstone Raider has paid a visit to Northampton to hand over a cheque to a local charity.

Internet star Gordon Hill paid a visit to Austism Concern off Wellingborough Road, to present the charity with £10,100 he raised with his charity single.

On the way he dropped into the Chronicle and Echo offices to speak to a reporter.

Wealdstone FC fan Gordon shot to fame after a video of him heckling opposing supporters at an away match against Whitehawk FC in March 2013, creating his catchphrase of ‘You want some?’, ‘You’ve got no fans’, and ‘I’ll give it ya’.

Gordon said: “I was watching the match a these two big guys were bullying me. It had gone on for about 20 minutes and I just retaliated.

“I didn’t realise somebody had a camera and was videoing it – if I did I’d have come up with a better phrase.”

The video was posted to YouTube, and quickly went viral, but Gordon initially kept out of the limelight.

He said: “At first I didn’t want anything to do with it – I had just lost my sister.

“But by November last year my manager came up to me and said everyone’s making money off this so why don’t we use it to raise some money for charity.

“We sat around talking about what we could do. Somebody else was doing a song but it wasn’t any good really.

The Wealdstone Raider

The Wealdstone Raider

“About 20 to 30 minutes later we were in Kiss FM’s studios recording it.

“We couldn’t have done it without Majestic from Kiss who produced it.

“Within three days the song was on iTunes.”

The charity single ‘Got no fans’ was released in December 2014 and went on to reach number 5 in the UK charts. So far it has raised £34,000.

It was released in aid of three charities – Great Ormond Street Hospital, Austism Concern and Wealdstone Youth Team.

Gordon said: “We chose Great Ormond Street because I was there a good while when I was a kid. And Wealdstone Youths because it’s important to support young players. It gives them something to do and you never know, we might find the next Stuart Pearce or Vinnie Jones.

“My manager, who is president of Wealdstone FC, chose Autism Concern because he’s from Northampton and he’s got a boy with autism.

“When some people say ‘charity single’ they mean 17 per cent of what you pay goes to the charity. With us it’s everything, we’ve not made a penny out of it, and in fact we spent our own money doing the video.

“It hit me that this song was going to be big when I was in Northampton at Barratts for New Years Eve. I did the countdown and then put the song on and half the room was singing Wealdstone. They loved it. That’s when I realised it was so popular.

“I’ve been to Northampton a couple of times and the people are terrific. I’ve only ever been treated nicely here.

“Just walking here I’ve been asked for three photos.

“The fame is interesting. I’m the same guy I always was. The downside is people asking for photos all the time, but you can’t say no to them.

“I still go to the football; at home games they all treat me the same as always. They’re grateful as well because I’m getting the club’s name out there. I might get asked for a photo or two, but they keep my feet on the ground – they’ll soon let me know if I start acting differently!

“It’s brilliant, we’re going to try and make more money for charity, hopefully this is just the tip of it. While I can I’m going to raise as much money as I possible can.

“The next thing I’ve got coming up is a documentary for ITV about what makes people passionate, and obviously football is a big thing. That’s going out on July 23 I think.”

Since the video made Gordon an internet celebrity, he has met up with the men who originally filmed him.

He said: “I’ve had a beer with them and we get along now!”