VIDEO: Trials to represent British team at Segway polo World Cup to be held in Northampton

Segway Polo
Segway Polo

People from Northampton could represent Britain at Segway polo if they impress coaches at an event next weekend.

The World Cup tournament for the increasingly popular sport is happening in July in Cologne, Germany and following a successful international tournament in Rugby last month, the clamour for a British team has grown.

The sport, which replaces the horses in traditional polo with upright two-wheeled Segways, has gained publicity through BBC Sport reporter Mike Bushell sampling it in his BBC Breakfast slot, as well as the BBC’s technology show Click.

April Baron-Harrison a spokeswoman for the trials, said: “It’s absolutely brilliant to watch and anyone is in with a chance of going to the Germany, even if you’ve never been on a Segway before.”

A key difference between standard polo and the Segway variety are is there in no ‘right of way’ law, which is designed to stop horses from crossing dangerously. Segway polo also has goalkeepers.

However, other rules, such as the stipulation that players must use their right hands only, are the same.

Teams can enter with relatively little experience and can compete amongst some of the best in the world.

Mark Weller, founder of UK Segway Polo

Mark Weller, the founder of UK Segway Polo, said: “As proven during the recent first-ever UK tournament, teams can enter with relatively little experience and can compete amongst some of the best in the world, emphasising the sport’s culture of equality and main characteristic of it being a ‘sport of equals’.

“We just need a few more teams now to join so that we can be more competitive in the international tournaments.”

Twenty teams are already signed up including Barbados, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Holland, USA, New Zealand and Lebanon.

Apple co-founder and long time Segway polo player, Steve Wozniak, is also confirmed to attend and compete.

Advance booking is required via the website: