VIDEO: strange object like a ‘ball of fire’ spotted in the skies above Northampton confirmed as airshow at Sywell

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A Northampton family spotted a ‘weird’ object outside their bedroom window which looked like a moving ball of fire but turned out to be an airshow display.

The footage was taken by Katie Real, 11, at around 9pm on Saturday from her home in Rectory Farm, Northampton.

Mum Fiona Fearon said she contacted Sywell Aerodrome on Saturday night but was told it wasn’t anything to do with them.

However a further call this afternoon by the Chron confirmed that the moving object was a glider which lets off fireworks as part of an annual twilight display.

Jeff Tower in the control tower said: “We had a big exhibition on and it was part of a flying display at sunset.

“The glider shoots out flames from its wings. It was part of an organised and controlled display.

“We did it last year and again this year on Saturday.”

Fiona said her daughters were playing with the laptop in the bedroom when they suddenly spotted the moving object outside the window and began filming.

She said: “It’s very weird. They were very excited by it. It looked like a ball of fire moving around in the sky.

“It looked like it went crashing into the field and that’s the end but there was no noise.”