VIDEO: Spate of vehicle break-ins rise in Northampton following ANOTHER burglary

The number of car break-ins continue to soar in a Northampton district following the theft of cash and computer equipment.

Jamal of Balfour Close in Kingsthorpe had his car broken into at around 10.15pm on Monday, February 20.

A smashed window in Kingsthorpe

A smashed window in Kingsthorpe

He said: "Stolen [from the car] was a USB stick, one USB card reader, £40 in change and £30 in five-pound notes. What a low life thief."

As well as this, the thief broke the car window and snatched two packets of cigarettes as well as a bag of sweets from the car before making off.

The administrator of the Kingsthorpe Crime Facebook page told the Chron that car break-ins are happening every night and sometimes multiple times each night.

She said: "They are ruthless, they have no fear. I think there are separate groups, one in Kingsthorpe and one that operates outside of Kingsthorpe.

"Some of them are on bikes and some of them in cars."

One of her neighbours had his van broken into and thousands of pounds of tools pinched from the boot, following this the burglars also attempted to enter his front door.

She added: "It's really unnerving. They are unhappy with one vehicle, they target three a night.

"There is no pattern, everywhere is being targetted in Kingsthorpe. I have had reports at 10pm, 1am, 5am and even in broad daylight. They don't care."

A Northamptonshire spokeswoman said: "I can confirm we had a report of a theft from a grey Suzuki in Balfour Close, Northampton, at about 10.15pm on February, 20. The offender(s) broke a window and stole cash and cigarettes."