VIDEO: Siren will sound minutes before Northampton’s ‘mouth of hell’ bus station is imploded

A loud siren will sound around Northampton shortly before 2,200 explosive charges reduce Greyfriars bus station into a mound of rubble.

Final ‘enabling’ works are currently being put in place before the former bus depot is demolished on Sunday.

DSM Demolition project manager Billy Young confirmed today that a warning siren will sound out five minutes before the demolition takes place - and another one minute before - to warn townsfolk that the building is set to be brought down.

Mr Young stressed today that there will be no public viewing area for people to watch the demolition and has asked that members of the public do not talk with the stewards posted around the exclusion zone on the day.

“The exclusion zone is in place for two reasons,” he said. “Public safety and public safety. We ask that people let the stewards do their job.”

An exact time for the demolition is not known as it will depend on how fast the surrounding area is evacuated.

Greyfriars bus station is set to be demolished on Sunday.

Greyfriars bus station is set to be demolished on Sunday.

From tomorrow and over the next few days a third party engineer will be visiting Greyfriars to check the enabling works.

A specialist consultant employed by Northampton Borough Council and the Health and Safety Executive will give the demolition the all clear after a thorough assessment of the site.

As soon as the building has collapsed a team of 40 workers will move onto the site with street sweepers and pressure washers.

Operatives will remain on site to July, clearing away the rubble, but Mr Young said that noise will be no more than its present level.

He said: “We have four to five months here, we want to remain as a good neighbour.”

Mr Young said DSM has heard from nearly all of the 414 properties in the exclusion zone now.

But the demolition expert, who presided over the implosion of Leicester’s 1970s built council office a fortnight ago, said he was glad to be reaching the end of a lengthy demolition project.

“Some buildings that we have knocked down are architecturally beautiful,” he said. “But sometimes they are just unsafe and no longer fit for purpose.

“It’s passed its sell by date and it’s time this building moved on.”

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